Every band.it is custom made, tailored specifically to your lens

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Never miss the shot again.

Meet band.it, a soft, ridged elastomer that stretches over any interchangeable camera lens, allowing photographers everywhere to Grip the Moment.

Benefits of band.it

Can't find my lens
  • Grip the Moment

    Band.it provides a fast track for identifying the zoom and focus collars on your camera lens by breaking the uniformity of the lens barrel. Its extruded ridges allow for a better grip, acting as a cushion for your fingers and making fumbling for your focus a thing of the past.

  • Capture With Precision

    Band.it extends the surface of the lens barrel with the added depth of the surface ridges, allowing more precise micro-adjustments. Eliminating lens creep, band.it is a one-stop-shop for enhancing the photography experience.

  • Protect Your Investment

    Band.it can replace damaged zoom and focus rings, which can cost upwards of $200 in repair. Keeping your lens collars pristine, band.it extends the longevity and preserves the integrity of your lenses.

  • Customized to Each Lens

    Every band.it is custom-made, tailored to the exact dimensions of the lens you select. No two band.its are ever the same.

Meet band.it

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