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Camera Lens Rubber Grip Replacement

Over time, camera lens zoom and focus collars loosen or wear out, necessitating a rubber grip replacement. One option is to send your lens to a camera manufacturer, but replacing the rubber on the zoom or focus rings will run you a couple hundred dollars. 

Savvy photographers may have found that they can purchase a manufacturer rubber grip on eBay or Amazon for $15-$25, and repair it themselves by tightening the screws on the lens or placing a rubber band underneath the replacement band. Yet these are still not the best solutions!

It's for this reason we invented the band.it, a soft ridged elastomer, custom-made to stretch over any camera lens, improving grip, protection, and zooming and focusing ability. Most importantly, the band.it is $19.99, the same price you'd pay for the flimsy, manufacturer-type rubbers you'd find on eBay or Amazon! For the same price, any photographer can get the added protection, grip, and zooming/focusing functionality the band.it provides. 

Replacing loose rubber grips are now much easier with the band.it. Rather than having to fiddle with the screws on your lens, simply stretch the band.it over the zoom or focus ring on your lens for a tight fit. Every band.it is custom-made, tailored to the exact dimensions of the lens you select, a solution far superior to what you'd get from a generic rubber ring replacement. 

When it comes to replacing camera lens rubber grips, the band.it gives you the most bang for your buck. 

As always,

Grip the Moment

Loose Zoom Ring or Focus Ring Repair

It's happened to all of us: "The rubbers on my zoom ring and focus ring are loose and I need to repair them." But when you get an estimate for a repair, whether you send your lens to Nikon, Canon, or any other lens manufacturer, the story is all too same: A repair price of upwards of $200!

No photographer wants to wait several weeks without their lens, much less paying for the overpriced repair. Unfortunately, for a long time, there were only very few ways to fix loose rubbers on your camera lens. 

That's why we invented the band.it, a silicone elastomer that stretches over the zoom and focus rings of any camera lens. It eliminates the need for repair because you can place it over a missing ring, a loose or worn out ring, or even a brand new one! In fact, most photographers buy the band.it because of the added feel they get out of it. 

The band.it is several millimeters in thickness, giving the camera lens a feel no manufacturer rubber could ever accomplish. Its exterior ridges allow the user to have a tight and precise grasp on the camera lens. Every band.it is custom-made, tailored to the exact dimensions of the lens you select. No other product, whether cheap rubber bands, electrical tape, Lens Band, or awareness bracelets, can reach the same functionality that the band.it can. 

Oh and did I forget to mention it's 1000% cheaper than repairing your loose rings?! At only $19.99, band.it is a one-stop-shop for protecting your lens, avoiding costly repairs, and adding grip like you've never felt. 

As always,

Grip The Moment


Cheap Repair Nikon 70-200 Loose Zoom or Focus Ring

The Nikon 70-200mm is notorious for its zoom and focus rings loosening or getting worn out until it's unusable. Nikon uses these kinds of rubbers, expecting them to wear out, so photographers send them in for repair. Makes sense, right? Not until you see a price tag upwards of $200!

The repair price for the zoom and focus rings can sometimes cost almost as much as the lens itself, not to mention the several weeks a photographer won't have his or her precious glass. Meanwhile, Nikon is raking in cash from overpriced repairs. 

That's why we created the band.it, a soft, ridged elastomer that wraps over the zoom and focus rings of any camera lens, improving grip and replacing those costly repairs. The band.it is more than 10x cheaper than sending a lens in for repair, costing only $20! Adding extra protection to your lens, the band.it serves to maintain the longevity of your lens.

It all started when Thomas Bender, a photographer with over 25 lenses and 30 years of experience, kept sending his lenses in to repair the loose or damaged zoom and focus rings on his lenses. He knew there was a better solution and conceptualized the band.it. Finding a team of engineers, the band.it came into fruition, and now serves to save photographers money in place of camera manufacturers' excessive repair prices. 

No matter what condition your lens is in, brand new, a slightly loosening zoom or focus ring, or the lens collar completely removed, the band.it will do its job. In the 2017 PhotoPlus Expo where we sold out, one photographer came to our booth, discovered what the band.it did, then ripped off his zoom collar and put the band.it in its place. Never again would he have to send any lenses in for repair. 

If you're looking for a quick and cheap solution for your loose zoom or focus rings, and don't want to send it in to Nikon, Canon, or any other lens manufacturer for repair, the band.it is available for purchase for $19.99. And with 1-2 day processing, you'll have your brand new, custom-made band.it in a fraction of the time it would take for Nikon to repair it. 

As always,

Grip The Moment