the grip a solution for peeling rubber and issues around the sticky hand oil worn older camera lens models

How to Add Grip to Your DSLR Camera Lens

Many ways to add grip to older lenses and not sacrifice professionalism while doing so. There are many solutions out there, but only one that truly solves every extent of the problem.
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Loose Zoom Ring or Focus Ring Repair

It's happened to all of us: "The rubbers on my zoom ring and focus ring are loose and I need to repair them." But when you get an estimate for a repair, whether you send your lens to Nikon, Canon,...

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Cheap Repair Nikon 70-200 Loose Zoom or Focus Ring

The Nikon 70-200mm is notorious for its zoom and focus rings loosening or getting worn out until it's unusable. Nikon uses these kinds of rubbers, expecting them to wear out, so photographers send them in for repair. Makes sense, right?...

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