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When I used to shoot with my full frame Nikon cameras, I would often have issues with my zoom lens grips coming loose. And I’ve talked to several photographers with the same problem.

Back then, I used to send in my lenses for repair, wait a few days, and they’d come back looking like new. If that had happened now, though, I would have a much simpler solution — use a

Seemingly enough, this is exactly why band.its were created in the first place. Instead of dealing with shipping and waiting for a week without a lens, you could simply put a new ring on it, that was made to come off if desired. It’s an ideal solution when you’re in the midst of your busy season, when you don’t have a chance to deal with getting a loaner lens.

Great Solution for Large Lenses

I tested out two versions of the — one for my Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 zoom lens, and another for my Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 zoom lens.

But I quickly realized that it just wasn’t practical on the small 12-35mm lens. While it worked, I had to put my lens hood elsewhere because of the bulk of the

With the 40-150mm, it made much more sense. It was a significantly larger lens, but it still got in the way of putting down Olympus’ unique sliding lens hood.

All this being said, I’m confident that, with larger, full-frame lenses, this issue wouldn’t be as prevalent. For my old Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 full frame lens, it’s likely that the wouldn’t have gotten in the way of me storing the lens hood. Still, with smaller lenses, and prime lenses, it might be more bulk than what it’s worth.

The Lens Hood Issue

This is really my only qualm with the system, is that it gets in the way of lens hoods on smaller lenses. That said, you don’t have to store your lenses with band.its on all the time — they’re meant to easily slide on and off. And in that case, maybe it’s not such a big deal.

For photographers who consistently use one lens for each shoot, this probably isn’t a big deal. As an event photographer, however, I find myself switching between two or three lenses over the course of a shoot. And in that case, I have to store my lens hoods in a different compartment that I might not have space for.


While the system isn’t perfect, I can say that the rings are made very well. Each ring is made from a rubber material that is extremely durable — I was able to stretch and twist it without any impact.

However, I’d like to see a version that isn’t quite so bulky. They’re perfect for hefty full-frame telephoto lenses, but it looks laughable on a tiny micro four-thirds lens.

All this said, if you have a lens with a loose zoom ring, band.its are really a great, affordable solution to fixing the problem.

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About the author:

Bryan is a photographer specializing in capturing events, theatre, food/drink and corporate moments. Based in Grand Rapids, Mich., he has worked with clients such as CNBC, Michigan State University, ArtPrize, Steelcase, SpartanNash and more. His work has also been featured by Delta Airlines, NBC, Microsoft, LiveStrong and Pure Michigan.

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