Get Better Grip For Your Camera Lens

Get Better Grip For Your Camera Lens

Many photographers wish for better grip on their zoom and focus rings. For example, Fujifilm lenses trade good grip on the lens collars for a sleeker look. Lenses that have been used for several months begin to lose the clean grip they once had in their pristine condition. Older photographers especially have trouble with maintaining good grip, and more so those who develop calluses. 

Yet all of these problems can be easily solved. The is a soft elastomer with exterior ridges for better grip. It's several millimeters in width, allowing photographers to dig their fingers down into the soft cushion. And each is custom-made, tailored to the exact dimensions of the specific lens. No two band.its are the same!

Photographers have resorted to using rubber bands, awareness bracelets, or electrical tape to get better grip, but these are unprofessional and ineffective solutions. The has a sleek look on the lens, complementing the lens' natural perfection. Made in a shade of black, the is inconspicuous, superior to some of the more obvious, unprofessional solutions. 

The, costing only $19.99, is made for any interchangeable lens model. Even band.its for lenses that do not appear in the store dropdown can be made when a customer selects the "Can't Find my Lens" option. We take the measurements of the lens, then custom size the to those measurements, ensuring optimal function. That lens is then added to the store for all future customers to order the for. 

If you're looking for better grip on your camera lens, the is by far the best solution. 

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