Massachusetts Outdoor Photographer Chris Daniele Loves the

Massachusetts Outdoor Photographer Chris Daniele Loves the

Photographers around the US have been trying out and loving the One such photographer is Chris Daniele from Western Massachusetts, whose Instagram handle is @dirtandglass.

Traveling around the country, Chris photographs houses and cabins in areas of beautiful foliage, those isolated from a nearby population, and homes in the snowy winter-time. 

He loves that the can be made for any lens ("and quickly too!"). The extra grip is a huge advantage when out shooting on a hike, making things much easier. His favorite thing about the is the "extra layer of cushion" it provides, since he's always "encountering rough elements" during his shots, as seen through the manifold pictures he takes. 

The provides extra protection and grip on the camera lens

 The gives protection against the rough elements outdoor photographers encounters

If you're an outdoor photographer, Chris definitely recommends trying out a for your lens. And even if you're not, the extra feel the gives makes photography that much more enjoyable!

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