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  • Extruded ridges on the exterior provide a raised surface that gives you a better grip on the lens cylinder
  • Rifled interior of the band keeps a tight grip on the camera lens
  • The cushioning keeps surface contact to a minimum
  • Soft, durable, and flexible to fit various lenses
  • UV protection
  • Moisture wick channels keep raised ridges dry
  • Improves grip on the lens for easy adjustment
  • Keeps grip fatigue to a minimum
  • Quick manual adjustment in low light areas
  • Prevents lens creep
  • Provides anti-vibration when setting camera lens down


Each camera lens is different, and so are the dimensions of their zoom and focus rings. A standardized product on a unique lens results in an unprofessional appearance for that lens. We know that appearance is paramount to professional photographers, which is why the band.it is customized to each camera lens. The band.it covers the entire zoom/focus rubber ring of the lens, regardless of make, model, or brand.

This customization of the band.it is extremely important, and gives photographers a professional product to use while taking photos, improving hand placement and quality of shots.

Pros interested in the band.it simply selects the lens they want the band.it for from a series of drop-down menus in our online shop, and we will take care of the proper sizing.


The camera lens is one continuous barrel, with a lack of deviation from the exterior cylindrical surface. Long lenses are heavy and require support over long hours of use. In low-light situations, autofocus is unreliable and causes many photographers to manually move their hands quickly between the zoom ring and focus ring on capturing the perfect shot. Most photographers have established muscle memory for these movements and know where their hands rest for support and move when taking photos.

The band.it makes these situations natural. It adds thickness to the camera lens where the zoom and focus rings are, which creates a break in the lens’ cylindrical shape and makes quick finger movements more fluid. The band.it replaces the cheap uncomfortable plastic rings with softly textured grooves, so photographers never fumble for their focus again.


Camera lenses are a significant investment for the professional photographer. The premium lenses cost hundreds to repair their zoom or focus rings since they must be serviced by the manufacturer or by a certified lens technician. The time spent without the lens is also an issue, taking up to four weeks to receive the repaired lens back.

The band.it can be used before damage even occurs, acting as a barrier between the rubber rings and the world. The damage from hand oils, dust and contaminant, and exposure to UV rays over time is completely prevented if band.it is used from the start.

Photographers and videographers have even used the band.it to replace the worn out rubber rings completely, bypassing the current repair process. It tightly grips the barrel, completely replacing the missing adjustment ring and giving the broken lens new life.

The band.it has also been shown to reduce surface damage, dents, and dings that cause the lenses to appear unprofessional to clients. It preserves the integrity of a photographer’s lens and acts as an insurance on their investment for a fraction of the price.