20 Brand.its


The band.it is simple. Yet, it serves a purpose on the camera lens. Photographers use the band.it in many different ways. For example, sports photographers can identify their gear better and are more comfortable holding massive lenses for hours at a time. Astrophotographers can fix their focus rings in place, saving time when the shoot is complete, whether they are with a group or not. With the band.it, older lenses that have zoom creep are no longer annoying or unusable. The band.it improves grip and personalizes the lens without sacrificing professionalism.

There is a desire to have more customization, to identify your gear as yours. This is where the brand.it comes in. We are able to successfully position the logo of your organization into the product, and produce band.its to your color and specifications. We do this in our Gainesville facility, where design engineers work to personalize your lens even more.

The breakdown: Manufacturing the design and set-up costs $400. The cost per brand.it is $20, with the per unit price decreasing as your quantity increases.

+10 brand.its will cost $20.00 per unit. 

+20 brand.its will cost $17.50 per unit. 

+30 brand.its will cost $16.00 per unit. 

+50 brand.its will cost $12.50 per unit.

If you are interested in this service, please reach out to domenic@camerabandit.com. Our team will create a quote for you with the exact amount of units and payment can be made via the online store. Lead time is approximate 2-3 weeks.

- The band.it Team.