- lens band Rubber Ring Replacement Jupiter 9 LTM/L39 Mount 85mm f/2


This is a lens band for Jupiter 9 LTM/L39 Mount 85mm f/2 lens rubber ring replacement. Fixes peeling zoom rings and sticky focus rings. Thicker than OEM for improved grip, colored lens accessory that improves identification of the zoom and focus rings. It works better than other rubber lens bands and has easy finger tracking. fits well on the lens like the OEM zoom and focus grips, but is made from a more elastic material. Keep your lens in good shape and get a better grip. It is:

  • Sized to lens measurements (not a one size fits all)
  • No glue or tools required
  • Comes in 9 colors, with more available upon request
  • Makes it easy to identify different gear in your kit
  • Orders over $40 come with free shipping